Parisian Taxi Drivers Take Uber to Court: 2,480 Drivers Seek €455 Million in Damages

On Friday, 2,480 Parisian taxi drivers are taking Uber to court, accusing the platform of unfair competition. They collectively demand €455 million in damages. Supported by nine professional associations and unions, this legal action marks a new chapter in the ongoing dispute between these drivers and Uber since February 2021. Launched after a decision by the Court of Cassation recognizing a subordinate relationship between Uber and one of its drivers, the accusation revolves around non-compliance with French labor and tax laws, branding Uber as engaging in unfair competition. The hearing aims to demonstrate that Uber has made illegality a principle of operation, causing an economic harm estimated at over €9,300 per driver per year, along with moral damages. Uber dismisses the action as « baseless » and « anachronistic, » emphasizing its impact on over 35,000 drivers using the app to generate income. Additionally, in a separate case, Uber was ordered on October 4 by the Paris Court of Appeals to compensate 149 taxi drivers for unfair competition related to its former UberPop application.

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