Parisian Taxi Drivers Take Uber to Court: 2,480 Drivers Seek €455 Million in Damages

On Friday, 2,480 Parisian taxi drivers are taking Uber to court, accusing the platform of unfair competition. They collectively demand €455 million in damages. Supported by nine professional associations and unions, this legal action marks a new chapter in the ongoing dispute between these drivers and Uber since February 2021. Launched after a decision by the Court of Cassation recognizing a subordinate relationship between Uber and one of its drivers, the accusation revolves around non-compliance with French labor and tax laws, branding Uber as engaging in unfair competition. The hearing aims to demonstrate that Uber has made illegality a principle of operation, causing an economic harm estimated at over €9,300 per driver per year, along with moral damages. Uber dismisses the action as « baseless » and « anachronistic, » emphasizing its impact on over 35,000 drivers using the app to generate income. Additionally, in a separate case, Uber was ordered on October 4 by the Paris Court of Appeals to compensate 149 taxi drivers for unfair competition related to its former UberPop application.

2 480 chauffeurs de taxis parisiens en procès contre Uber pour concurrence déloyale et réclament 455 millions d’euros

Ce vendredi, 2 480 chauffeurs de taxis parisiens poursuivent Uber devant le tribunal de commerce, accusant la plateforme de concurrence déloyale. Ils réclament collectivement 455 millions d’euros de dommages et intérêts. Cette action, soutenue par neuf associations et syndicats professionnels, représente une nouvelle étape dans le litige qui oppose ces chauffeurs à Uber depuis février 2021. Initiée après une décision de la Cour de cassation reconnaissant un lien de subordination entre Uber et l’un de ses chauffeurs, l’accusation porte sur le non-respect du droit du travail et fiscal français, qualifiant Uber de pratiquer une concurrence déloyale. L’audience vise à démontrer qu’Uber a érigé l’illicite en principe de fonctionnement, portant préjudice économique évalué à plus de 9 300 euros par chauffeur et par an, ainsi qu’un préjudice moral. Uber qualifie l’action d' »infondée » et « anachronique », soulignant son impact sur plus de 35 000 chauffeurs utilisant l’application pour générer des revenus. Par ailleurs, dans un dossier distinct, Uber a été condamné le 4 octobre par la cour d’appel de Paris à indemniser 149 chauffeurs de taxi pour concurrence déloyale liée à son ancienne application UberPop.

The criteria of the VTC vehicle

The red sticker

The red sticker must be placed at the front of the car, in the lower left corner of the driver’s side windshield. If the signage is inappropriate, the driver of the vehicle will receive a level 4 fine.

The professional card

the professional VTC card must be affixed to the windshield or to the vehicle. The photograph on the map as well as the information must be visible from the outside. This visibility obligation must allow precise checks if necessary.

Vehicle insurance

The insurance certificate

This is an important document which proves that the vehicle has car insurance. It is kept by the driver in a safe place, in the event of a police check or in the event of an accident.

Where is the green card located?

Firstly, the sticker must be affixed to the right of the windshield, visible and legible. Then, for the complete document, it is kept in a safe and easy-to-access place.

Civil liability insurance

Civil and professional liability insurance is compulsory for all VTC drivers. This insurance is dedicated specifically to professionals. It exists to cover the driver in the event of accidents, whether material, bodily or immaterial, which may occur to customers or another person involved in the accident.

Among the coverages offered by these insurances we find:

👉Deterioration of equipment. For example the customer’s luggage.

👉 Errors in the route requested by the customer.

👉 Accidents during a journey which may cause injury to the customer.

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