In the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, VTC drivers find themselves in the sights of the Border Police at Nice airport

In the heart of the Cannes Film Festival, VTCs attract the attention of the authorities at Nice airport, in particular the Border Police. The convergence of this prestigious international event with ride-hailing services has sparked increased scrutiny in the region.

The presence of VTC at Nice airport during the Cannes Film Festival attracted the attention of the media and local authorities. Travelers from all over the world flock to attend the world-famous festival, creating increased demand for transportation services. However, this increase in demand has also led to intense competition between different players in the transportation sector.

The Border Police at Nice Airport have put in place measures to ensure compliance with the regulations in force regarding VTCs during this period. Controls and audits are being strengthened to ensure that all transport services operate legally and in full compliance. This action aims to preserve the integrity of transport services and guarantee the safety and satisfaction of passengers.

It is essential for travelers and VTC users to familiarize themselves with the local regulations and requirements in force to avoid any inconvenience during their stay in Nice. As a ride-hailing platform, we work closely with the authorities to ensure that our services comply with all rules in place and provide a safe and enjoyable transport experience for all travelers attending the Cannes Film Festival and beyond.